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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  September 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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don't let your guard down, aon warning from th cleveland clinic for those who walk through the main campus on euclid avenue as lorrie taylor reports someme employees have been robbed something first of the year.. >> this alleged robbery near the cleveland clinic main campus, just across the street in this parking lot of the antioch baptist church at east 89th and seizure, 10:00 a.m. tuesday when a researcher, was robbed at gunpoint at her car by a man
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when she hesitated, he pointed the gun and as she removed it, you try to steal her louis vuitton purse, that's when she put up a fight and was pistol whipped, the sixth time a clini employee was robbed are the mai campus since january, the that al spokesman tells us the cleveland clinic is committed to thet. pastor todd c. davidson says he is surprised i happened given the security tha is maintainedp in the parking lot.
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frequently we have our own security detail that also patrols throughout th daywe, so it is, it is very shocking me that this took place, we are devastated for he and we are working to ensure that nothing like this happens again.. the cleveland clinic does provide security to this parkin lot at the antioch baptist church, the pastor says he has increased security personnel to prevent this from happening again. >> lorrie taylor fox 8 news. are questions after a crash killing a ambulance worker killed while taking a patient o the hospital, state patrol said the driver of an suv did i stop at a stop sign on county road i fremont hitting the m is driven
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the patient were injured. >> those in the area say the intersection needs a traffic light. >> the car flipped the ambulance over, and then it was reset back about everything inside was a shambles and i could hear both of them screaming. no charges have been filed. >> the i-team is trying to get helpp get justice after video showed american flag ripped up, the people in the video, it happeneded labor day weekend in strongsville outside off olmste heating & cooling, a couple destroy the flag and pose for picturesla , strongsville police
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but do not know anything about the manw so they turned to the i-team hope that she can identify him.. >> the constitution and all of that envelops the flag, and , and represents all of that as i'm concerned and to see people defacing it, anden skipping awa it does make you mad. take a look at the suspect, they want you to how to identif him, they go to fox 8.comt have a number therefore the strongsville police detectives. two men indicted for the murder of a 17-year-old girl wh allegedly helped rob a bankff a they appeared in court today rihanna fluid was found shot to death in his claimfl of the las month they say it is because sh took part in a bank robbery in northfield village ok and the other thieveses were worried she mighh talk, 19 kiechaun newell and 22-year-old jeffrey doss,
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they pled not guilty, to the list of charges, bond set at $1 million, three other teenagers involved have been charged in juvenile court. two juvenile cents a day for a fire that destroyed a schoolhouse,at in september in grade, five arrested today the two juveniles were headed to th charges of breaking and enterin they were sentenced to 50 hours of content service counseling and pay restitution, two adults have been charged with arson an a thirddu juvenile faces charge the cases are pending. the teachers voted to reject the tentative contract agreemen that waste reached in august af the contract expired in june as of now there will not be a strike, the teachers will work under the old contract with a bargain with the district for a new deal,ra
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evaluations the amount of testinga given to students and how much time they need to focu on that testing. it is part of the solution in terms ofi improving the student performance. any teacher that you talk to , want to make sure that their input is respected, at the end of the day, they are on the front line and know how to move the kids forward. the metro school addition responded to the decision by saying - suv out of control at a walmart parking lot, to shoppers avoid being nearly hit by the vehicle
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it slams into a protective barrier in front of the walmart store afte a shopper walks by they say after it hit the pole to put over landing on top of another post just inches away from killing the driver they are amazed that nobody was injured or killed especially the shoppe who was the one and his aunt of the norwalk police g. >> it isal shock, this of fortune for her that it happened way that they did,f that she was ab to slow down because of this other person, it saved her life convinced or seder from some very serious injuryo, you see o the video that they hugged each other and thankful to still be alive at that timeh. the driver of the suv, who told them to get confused the gas pedal and break is facing
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>> the quarterbacks are not the only browns players on demand, as sports anchor john telich ha the details. >> browns will be dealing with injuries as a get ready for the dolphinsa on sunday patrick murray, is injured, and unlikel the kicking for the browns are going to bring in coding to replace it, oe practice it has a groin injury, he is on the report as questionable and some clarification chart account is broken left collarbone so now h has his right and left collarbones broken by the raven last year and this year and he will be week to week, here's
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>> i think that he will be week to week, think sometimes our coaches make comments andndewe i'm sure if you talk to read again he would say he is not surere a time a not play you assume the worst. >> routes we looking for first victory of the season they are zero into now to play the dolphins. does not feel much like fall today almost 90 degrees again for the second day in a row, july 2 feel more like fall. without a doubt, that fresh northeast breeze has begun to infiltrate the front yard it just feels different than just couple hours ago. the 70s are now pushing south, it is 79 at akron and kent. tonight it will be ideal for
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football the braves has called itit to 66 at erie pennsylvania we were within 1 degree of the records today ofof 89 and there not much on radar as we speak. we've gone from a few lonely showers to one or two very lonely stretches. this will be a correction to normal with this cooler air and then x which forecasts, coming up. >> what happens in the moments
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fire on an unarmed man ? he does not have a gun, he has a tropicalndepression isaac
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cell phone video released of and officer involved shooting i charlotte north carolina recorded by the victims in the video you can also hear keith scott's wife till officers that her husband is no
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a traumatic brain injury, an attorney for the family says that the video proves the shooting was not justified. you can see what appears to be some type of object in his hand, but he never raises it it at any point. . >> based on the evidence could give us probable cause bu do not work that way.. >> that he recover a loaded gun, charlotte leaders say they will be on the scene level of alert hoping that a lt citywide curfew, national guard and a calling fo calm will work. police officer chart for shooting an unarmed man in tuls is free on $50,000 bond, police
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she shot a man whose suv was blocking the road, her attorney says that she far because she thought that terence crutcher had a gunca and 11 was found, found guilty she could get for years to life in prison. and injures a public defender ask to getet an attorney but prosecutors say nothing can happentt until he is officially rested, ahmad khan rahami faces charges for the bombs that exploded in new york and new jersey and a shootout with new jersey police. >> republican rivals to friends, a former rival of donald trump' now back in his bid for the white house, ted cruz and arson donald trump for president, it is a turn of events after a
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both exchange personal attacks trump has been in the kent toto prepare for the first presidential debate, the son says he expects his dad to be himself on stagec he spent a lo of time studying and at the sam time he had to be yourself and true to yourself and to your message. hillary clinton has been homeme in new yorke the last three day preparing for the debate, the campaig blasting him for things he said about women. home surveillance video from georgia as it won't refuse to b a victim of crime that shows three men breaking into her home, they search or something but then run for the door as sh walks into the room firing a gun, a man ran so fast he smashed through the classroom door, another man died from gunshot woundsro are searching
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but did not go down today was the temperatures are still clos to 90 degrees but that is about to change9 as we get a little b cooler. >> it is beginning to feel like that and that no that came in closer to 2:00 p.m. today, it has been pushing the cooler air further south for the last couple of hours,, let's first of all check on the webcam time lapseet. there was lots of sunshine earlier, as we begin this at o 3:15 p.m., the clouds from the backdoor cool front began to move inn, and the good news is
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productive. you can see on the fading visible satellite, the front is settling south but very little impact with showers as it runs into the high pressure currentl 76 degrees cleveland , the cool air is southward, mansfield and akron canton, zanesville is still in the '80s we did hit low '90s in parkersburg/huntington, our high today was 88, one away fro the record of 89. the dewpointnt came up a little bit, that is thanks to the northeast went off of the lake because of thehe
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short-lived the drier air will move in tomorrow morning and into the weekend, 88 in 66 are the extremes, both are above normal and here is the back door cool front moving south because of the canadian high giving us northeast wind keeping a comfortable. tonight very believed to mostly cloudy if you see a shower you because there are not many if any. the overnight low of 60, it will be cooler tomorrow, 72 which is normal the end of september.. we go with sunshine on sunday, 73. the next front on monday, worms up two about 75 and then shower
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it will be fallen into the mid- 60s at the least and a couple of computer models indicate that it could be optimistic if there are lots of clouds and reply to see a definitive weather pattern shift next week. forget about putting a ring on it, using social media to announce a wedding pays off in
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wise man once said be careful what you ask for, you might get it,
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oregon men asked if he had a special request and said that h would like to see pictures of actor jeff goldblum in the room then they walked into the room, that's what they saw. we know that social media has a big influence onon peoples li and includes one of the biggest moments of your lifefe. according to the online wedding son, more are using social medi to plan their weddings,on surveyed more than 1,000 couple once they got engaged their social media use increases, 6 percent announcing their invasion on social media within 24 hours and 86 percent within the first week, there is a lot of benefits. >> they're using pinterest, instagram in facebook for a lot of reasons, but looking for
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and advice, also looking for th vendors on some sites. >> they also create a social media hash tag so that others can share infoo of the leading and also to rsvp the event. >> when you plan the wedding, don't forget the flowers but yo probably will not want this, desert line up at a north carolina greenhouse to ge a sniff of this it is the corpse flower, the 51-pound plan is notorious5 for its horrible smell, it takes 13 years for it to finally blown,s a graduate student who received it named i after a werewolf in the harry
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